In a show of epic proportions, several years in the making, NINE NEW works by Richard Loffler will be unveiled at InSight Gallery. Additionally, the last casting of TEN of Loffler’s most popular, otherwise sold out bronze pieces, will be available along side many of his other works.  Loffler grew up on the wide-open Saskatchewan prairies in central Canada where he became a committed outdoorsman as a teenager by absorbing the wonders of the natural world around him.  Now an accomplished and highly recognized artist, his monumental size work welcomes visitors from all over the world to the National Wildlife Museum in Jackson  Hole, Wyoming, with a herd of 2.5 life-size bison sitting atop the hill in front of the museum.  Loffler juggles his time between his fieldwork, his studio work and the Montana foundries where he chases some of the castings, oversees the patinas, and completed works.  We look forward to welcoming this talented artist to InSight Gallery and look forward to sharing his impressive collection of work with collectors!