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B    i    o    g    r    a    p    h    y

JoAnn Peralta in 2004 entered the fine art world having left a very successful career as an illustrator. Many notable fine artists today began as illustrators which helped train and prepare them for the challenges and expertise needed to advance their work in the fine art sector. The most famous “ex” illustrator being, Howard Terpning, whom is a very good friend to Peralta and her family.

Peralta has enjoyed representation and success at InSight Gallery in Fredericksburg, Texas, as well as been invited to participate in many renown museum and reputable fine art shows around the country. 

Peralta has been exhibiting and selling in the prestigious, Masters of the American West Show held at the Gene Autry Museum for seven years. Also, she is a regular in the Small Works, Great Wonders Show held annually at the Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and has sold-out every year, as well as in the upcoming highly esteemed, American Miniatures Show at Settlers West Gallery, Tucson, Arizona held annually.

Peralta has the distinction and honor of having her painting, “Heart of the West (W.S. Hart Museum courtesy of L.A. Natural History Museum)”, hang in the Longworth Building on Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C., where it is currently still there.

Peralta also had a feature article written by acclaimed collector of fine art and Special Advisor to the President of the Autry Museum, John Geraghty, in Western Art Collector Magazine’s Feb/Mar 2012 issue.